Project X Meets HAIRDOTCOM

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The Fellowship for British Hairdressing is all about giving back, and that’s precisely what happened when the HAIRDOTCOM team took on mentoring duties for the 2019 Project X team.

HAIRDOTCOM is an innovative new hairdressing art and education team, formed by a collective of hairdressers that include some key Fellowship figures. Representing the team on this occasion were former F.A.M.E. Team members Ashleigh Hodges and Matt Gavin, as well as current F.A.M.E. Team student Alastair Jubbs and freelance stylist Rebecca Wilcox. Together, the four stylists took the Project X students through an inspiring day of hands-on learning covering the use of hair pieces, avant-garde creativity and mood boarding.

I loved watching the experts in action. Seeing them use hair pieces and learning how to make a base for attaching them to your model was fantastic. We used materials including plastic, wool, cotton, glue and hair of course, to create some amazing looks. - Emma Male of Em2

As well as getting creative, the Project X Team also heard about Ashleigh and the HAIRDOTCOM team’s journey to success.

Learning how Ashleigh’s team had evolved and hearing their stories was incredibly inspiring. They encouraged us to follow our passion, which is something the Fellowship is devoted to. - Emma Male of Em2

As well as hands-on skills, the team also walked away feeling inspired to create and to push themselves to explore new ideas.

I now know more than ever that it's important to always be yourself. Don’t follow other people’s work; know what direction you want to go in as a hairdresser and use your own creativity to create amazing things. I’m going to take everything that I learnt, and strive to make my own work even more visual and exciting. - Dani Ball from Headquarters salon

I’ve learnt to relax into my thoughts and let my passion flow - not to force it. I’m going to spend more time creating from now on, and use my spare time to play around with ideas. I’ve also gained some amazing contacts today, and will be reaching out to them for advice and guidance, as well leaning on the rest of the team for support. - Emma Male of Em2

Project X 2019
  • Charlotte Johnson, The Annexx
  • Clare Hatherill, The Chapel
  • Dani Ball, Headquarters
  • Emma Male, Em2
  • Janene Hawkins, Heavenly Hairstyling
  • Krysia Eddery, Perfectly Posh Hair
  • Harlee Gresty, Lewis Moore Salons
  • Phillipa Lee, Yaxley Hair & Beauty
  • Dan Law, Lara Johnson Lifestyle
  • Rory Mason, Ashley Gamble
  • Zara Clelland, Marc Antoni


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